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Name: Karri Nagaraju

Age: 12


Gender: Male


Birthday:  June 01, 2001      


Study:  8th Standard




Biography: The parents belong to Agnikula Kshatria community.: Fisherman. Their occupation is to catch fish, sell and with the money they get they buy their home needs. This boy Nagaraju has an older brother and one older sister.


He is a bright promising child, of 12 years and studies in class 8th, with good grades. His face reveals his inner talents. He is a good runner and a sports player. A sponsorship would provide his education, and he will become a great man provided we offer him some opportunities. It costs just $40 per month--please pray he will find one sponsor. Please remember it is an opportunity God in his mercy has provided to you. Thank you as you consider this rare opportunity.


Environment:  Even though Nagaraju grew up for sometime in the influence of the village after joining Grace Children’s Orphanage, he began to adopt the town culture. His village Yenuguvanilanka could not offer him better things, but the town life offers him better opportunities of learning new progressive ways.


Please remember this Nagaraju and his dreams and try to help him --you will be blessed two times. May the Heavenly Father grant you that opportunity today.


Please kindly select this child and make your payment of $40 USD.

Kindly send your child sponsorship payment via paypal and use our paypal email address is: gracechildrenorphanage@gmail.com